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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pensamento de algibeira #1

Não há maneira de escapar às modas. Ser assumidamente diferente, não seguir a corrente e rotina, recusar roupas e estilos estandardizados, remar contra a maré, contestar o socialmente aceite como “normal”…. Tudo isto se ressume também a uma moda, a um estilo, a uma maneira de estar na vida, a de ser diferente, a de se querer distinguir do rebanho… hoje em dia acaba por ser também uma Moda!


  • Concordo. Quase lhe poderíamos chamar uma "contra-moda". Está na moda ser contra a moda. Cabe-nos ainda e, contudo, escolher de que lado da moda nos colocamos!...pequeno/grande exercício de liberdade...

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:40 PM  

  • There was no shame nor embarrassment on the streets, just people dressed freely, wearing many colors and plenty of imagination, dressed crazy, dressed hippie, dressed different, and absolutely everyone was wearing or doing something outstanding. Police man had earrings, nuns rode bikes, men in suits had dreadlocks. Cafés and restaurants had cats, the streets smelled of joints, the windows of the houses had no curtains. In my high school there were gothic girls with long bordeaux dresses and astonishing make ups, dirty punks wearing black clothes and shaved heads, clean punks wearing Scottish fabric pants and very high blond crests, hippies with dreadlocks, all kinds of hair colors, skaters wearing pants far bellow the waste line with interesting underwear shown for appreciation, pierced ears, tongues, eyebrows, belly buttons, noses and mouths, Muslim girls with covered heads and long skirts, rappers, hip-hoppers, fairies and witches. Suddenly, in the midst of all variety, I was normal.

    sei lá o que é que quero transmitir com este texto (meu) ;)

    mas concordo com o que disseste!

    By Blogger aquelabruxa, at 4:56 PM  

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